Connecting & Storytelling Through Photographs

Weddings || Engagements || Events || branding || lifestyle


Connecting & Storytelling Through Photographs

Weddings || Engagements || Events || branding || lifestyle


Connecting & Storytelling Through Photographs

Weddings || Engagements || Events || branding || lifestyle


Connecting & Storytelling Through Photographs

Weddings || Engagements || Events || branding || lifestyle

destination wedding photography

Connecting & Storytelling Through Photographs

Weddings || Engagements || Events || branding || lifestyle

Our brand stands for inclusivity of all walks of life, as everyone deserves to have their visions captured and remembered.

Edmonton based photographer and videographer

Marcu Fotography offers personable and professional photography and videography services that tell a story.

Our mission is to connect with you to tell your stories in an artful and candid way. We blend creative artistry with a keen eye for detail to create images that resonate with authenticity.

Our services range from local to international

elopements, weddings, events, commercial photography and videography.

We focus on understanding your needs as a client before moving forward with any session. We strive to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, ensuring that your true self shines through. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for turning moments into memories, we're here to capture your life's most precious moments in a way that reflects you at your best.


We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but provide our services globally. We have worked across North America capturing Weddings, Elopements and fashion shoots in British Colombia, Ontario, Hawaii, California and New York.

No destination is to big or small for us, and we cannot wait to capture your story around the globe!

Our style

As a documentary-style wedding photographer, we specialize in capturing moments as they naturally unfold, ensuring that your memories remain true and unscripted.

Our approach is centered on authenticity and discretion, allowing you to relive the magic of your day as it happened.

Our passion for this style of photography lies in preserving not only what is seen but also what is felt, creating a timeless collection of images that will transport you back to the joy, laughter, and love you shared on your wedding day.

Trust us to be your visual storyteller, and together, we'll turn your wedding into an unforgettable tale through the lens.

Our vision

Our vision is rooted in the belief that every photograph is an opportunity to capture the beauty, emotion, and essence of a single moment in time.

We see photography as more than just a profession; it's an art form, a means of storytelling, and a way to freeze the world's fleeting moments in an everlasting embrace. Our goal is to transcend the ordinary and reveal the extraordinary in each image.

Our vision is to create visual narratives that resonate with depth and authenticity, drawing out the heart and soul of our subjects. We seek out the play of light, the interplay of colors, and the nuances of expression to craft images that evoke emotions, spark memories, and inspire wonder.

Edmonton photographer
Edmonton photographer
Edmonton photographer

The process

Edmonton photographer

I. Inquire!

We get so excited with every inquiry we get! We will provide you with packages and additional information based on what type of session you are interested in. Once we discuss all details, we will provide you with a contract and invoice and the fun begins!

II. Consultations

All packages come with 1-3 consultations to discuss all your details, timelines and questions you may have. During the consultation, we will make a itinerary/shot list for the planned day.

III. Photoshoot/wedding day!

The day has come! Our team will be ready to capture your special day, if anything changes the day of the photoshoot/wedding, please communicate that with us as soon as you can. For weddings and events, we will send out sneak peeks 3-5 days following the event. All other photoshoots will receive proofs to select the final images within 5-7 days following the photoshoot.

IIV. Delivery of final gallery

The day has come and all your beautiful memories are ready to be sent out! The online gallery will be available for 4 weeks to download but your memories are always stored with us. We do highly encourage to have the gallery saved in multiple areas to ensure nothing will be lost!

C & G destination wedding video - British Colombia, Canada

See what a wedding with us looks like!

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